This Is Not Medical Advice

We live in a country where we do not have a national health care system. The basis of "health care" in the wealthiest country is for people to buy into insurance policies, from for-profit corporations, which are subject to monthly premiums, co-pays, deductibles, multi-tiered medication formularies, and pre-authorizations for various procedures and treatments.

Many cannot afford to pay the copays or afford to meet the deductible of their plans after they have paid  the policy premiums.

Gofundme is the number one way for people to attempt raising money for treatment, including life-saving procedures.

It has been repeatedly said that people should not seek medical advice from social media, but instead obtain the advice of a medical practitioner. That being said, where are people supposed to turn if they are unable to afford copays to see a doctor, or are uncertain of their ability to afford necessary treatment?

This podcast intends to bring attention to the situations of those who aren't able to adequately navigate the capitalist system that we have in order to get the treatment they need.