This Is Not Medical Advice

If you have experienced medical debt, traumatic encounters with medical insurance, or have put off necessary medical treatment due to financial constraints, I want to hear your story and provide a platform for your (actual) voice to be heard (if you so choose).

This Is Not Medical Advice is a podcast dedicated to bringing attention to real human experiences with the struggles of navigating the for-profit insurance-based medical system in the United States. I believe that by sharing these stories, we can raise awareness and advocate for change.
If you’ve faced piles of medical bills, encountered difficulties with insurance providers, or had to put off doctor appointments or procedures with no idea how to afford paying for medical care, please reach out to me. Your story is important, and your voice matters.

I invite you to share your experiences and help shed light on the challenges that people face when trying to get medical care in our country. Your story could validate and provide comfort to others who are struggling with similar issues, while adding to the voices demanding change in what poses as a healthcare system here in the US.

Join in this important conversation by sharing your story with This Is Not Medical Advice. Your identity can be kept anonymous, and your story will be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Together, we can make a difference and push for a more equitable healthcare system that puts people over profits.

Contact me if you’re interested in sharing your story.

~ Johann Guldenschuh (host of This Is Not Medical Advice)
@tinmapodcast on twitter